Hiking in the villmark – Nordmarka

Picture of the first part of the track towards Tyranstua.

Yesterday I went on a 20 km long hike through “Nordmarka” in the Oslo area. I started out from Frognerseteren which has a relatively popular skiing/biking path towards the east. I like taking the less beaten path, so I made my way towards “Tyranstue”. The path goes for about 2.5 km until you see the next sign pointing to the right, “Kobbehaughytta”. I went first in the other direction saying “Tyranstua” but turned around as I saw a lot of bike tracks, so I turned around and made my way towards “Kobberhaughytta” instead.

Me on my way
A little piece of nature on the way

At some point, I came to a fork where you can choose to take a deep forest path or to keep following a ski/biking track. I chose the forest path for a short while until you end back on another section of the skiing/biking track. From there it is a short distance to Kobberhaughytta, only about 1.5 km but before you get there a cute little lake which is called Blankvann. Following a path to the right of the lake, I could spot Kobberhaughytta in the distance. Right next to Kobberhaughytta there is another, even cuter, tiny lake. This lake is lovely for camping. My original plan to stay there overnight but unfortunately, as soon as I had built up the tent and slipped into my sleeping bag I had the great misfortune of realizing my recently bought sleeping bag wasn’t warm enough.

Orka taking a little snooze
Orka took every chance to drink out the little rivers on our way

So what does one do when one is cold? EAT! ( i love to eat real tur mat on my hikes – especially the pasta tastes really good – you find it at stores like XXL ) and relax for about an hour and continue while wearing my “Sköll & Hati” Sweater (Lopapeysa). It was a bit chilly and I could just feel how the sweater was basically kissing my skin. It was already 20:00 pm and started to get a bit dark so I packed out my little headlight and went back to “Blankvann” and from there I took the trail towards Sognsvann. I followed the path for about 3.5 km found myself at Ullevaalseteren, which is equipped with a cafeteria, some vending machines and an outhouse style public bathroom, though it was closed when I got there. There is also a very tame white pony which walks around freely and the classic cat on the farm which hangs out near the stable.

To reach Sognsvann from Ullevaalseteren the quickest way is probably the gravel road but there is an interesting 3 km trail through the forest. I like this path a lot and I can only recommend walking there- even in the dark. If you follow the track you will find yourself near the end at the lake called Store Aklungen. I love that spot for camping and sleeping overnight. I will tell you more about that spot in the future, as I was nearing Sognsvann it was getting pretty dark and late, and I was a bit worried about not reaching the metro-station situated near the south end of Songsvann but luckily I made it just in time to jump on the last train. I just recently discovered my love for long hiking so there a still a lot of local roads I have to still discover here in Norway .

Here I am just really relieved to have reached Songsvann with just barely enough time to reach the last metro to get back home

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