Sköll og Hati

The Sköll og Hati Lopapeysa  – The Pattern and the Story behind it.

The Sköll og Hati sweater is inspired by the ancient Nordic myth of the two wolves that each chase the sun and the moon, I think it is probably the pattern that is closest to my heart that I have made.

The story of Sköll and Hati goes a little something like this: Sköll (“One Who Mocks”) and Hati (“One Who Hates”) are wolves that pursue Sol (Sun) and Máni (Moon) across the heavens, seeking to devour them. It is said that when Ragnarök is upon us, the wolves will finally catch them and eat them, plunging the world into darkness and collapsing the sky.

A saying is also :
    Sköll is the name of the wolf
    Who follows the shining priest
    Into the desolate forest,
    And the other is Hati,
    Hróðvitnir’s son,
    Who chases the bright bride of the sky.

Hati chases the male personified moon and Sköll the female personified Sun. When I read this story I knew I had to make a pattern from this theme. I knew from the beginning I wanted the design to be a contrast of colors fitting the theme, so the original/initial design used simple black and white to represent light and shadow. To increase the tension in this contrast I alternated the foreground/background colors of the pattern.

The paws represent the wolfs and the stripes represent sun and moon.

I am very pleased with the design and so I decided to make matching headbands and a little bonus project was a bottle ‘Sweater’ to cover my thermos. What will be next eh?…

I hope you like the Sköll og Hati Pattern .

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