About me :

I’m a little different from most people. In kindergarten I liked to paint pictures instead of playing with the other children. In school, art was the only subject that could hold my interest, but I got along okay with history and sports too, but I was never quite able to develop interests in other fields. When I was 11 I was diagnosed with Aspberger Syndrome which is one of the colours in the autism rainbow, I’d like to think its blue, my favorite colour. Aspberger is also called ‘Wrong Planet Syndrome’ which accurately describes how I felt when I was younger and found myself in a group of people or a social setting, and still feel like that today from time to time, but perhaps to a lesser extent.

As a teenager I worked towards getting a job where my passion of designing/drawing could be satisfied and it worked! I managed to make my dream of working in a visually creative field, I had landed an internship in in the country of the rising sun; Japan, where I stayed for almost a decade. During my time there I discovered my biggest mentor, muse and idol Yoshitaka Amano. My art is still to this day influenced by him. After staying in Japan for a while I my thirst for something new grew.

One day as I found myself watching the TV show ‘The Vikings’ I decided that I should pack my bags and move to Norway, right there in the middle of an episode. And I did. Three weeks later I was on a plane to Norway with my dog.

After about half a year in Norway, I met an Icelandic…LOPAPEYSA. I had no chance; the wool, the patterns, the colors! It became my passion and obsession almost immediately, a very intense hobby indeed. I started thinking of new designs and making them, I pretty quickly realized that I was making more sweater designs than I could possibly wear in a lifetime, so I began the process of opening an Etsy store to share my love for knitting with others.

My name is Anna-Sofia, I’m a world traveler. With a home nowhere but everywhere and with heart home in Iceland.I love to design characters, their clothes and write their stories. I’ve also been known to bake a few cakes and cinnamon buns. When I am not making your next sweater design I am taking a long walk through a forest. I have 5 dogs and I speak 5 languages at various fluencies but I am working on that.